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Jets Green and White Practice Updates

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Jets hold their Green and White practice at MetLife Stadium. The practice starts at 7:00 Eastern. Gates to the stadium open up at 5:00 to start letting fans in.

Unlike past seasons, the team has indicated this will not be a scrimmage utilizing game-like rules. It will function like a regular practice, albeit with a few bells and whistles for all of the fans attending. That does not sound like as much fun for the fans, but it is what Todd Bowles thinks is best for the team's preparation.

ESPN Radio in New York is covering the event. It is 98.7 FM if you are in the local area. You can click here for their online stream.

This is a primetime practice. The GGN Twitter widget is always ready for primetime. It is embedded below to provide updates of happenings from the Meadowlands as the evening progresses.