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Shock Of The Century Occurs, Dee Milliner Gets Injured

Dee expected to miss the next 6-8 weeks with a wrist injury

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are coming down the pike that Dee Milliner is having a SEVENTH surgery after injuring a tendon in his wrist. Via Pro Football Talk:

Dee Milliner, who has started 14 and played in 16 of a possible 32 games in his 2 year career, looks to be in line to miss yet another few games to begin the 2015 season. Dee has his surgery scheduled for today so his rehab can begin quickly, but don't expect him to take the field this preseason and probably some of the regular season.

The Jets gave themselves plenty of coverage this offseason by signing Revis, Cromartie, and Skrine to man the top 3 spots. However, this is a blow, as Todd Bowles likes to use a lot of defensive backs. Also, for a guy who has yet to play at an even average level in the NFL consistently, and who has missed more games than he's played, the continued injury setbacks are absolutely detrimental to his development as a player who can hopefully take control of a starting position by 2016.

Milliner has yet to have a healthy season in his 3 years as a Jet, and it is looking dubious that the Jets will ever recoup on the investment they made on Dee Milliner. Milliner was at one point expected to be the guy to replace Revis, and right now it looks as though it's up in the air as to whether or not Dee will ever be A guy in the NFL.