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Todd Bowles Doesn't Do Hyperbole

It's far less interesting, but fans seem to take to it.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

It's a common occurrence in the NFL that if a current head coach isn't working, you fire him and hire his exact opposite. Look at the Eric Mangini to Rex Ryan transition. Eric Mangini was a tough, no nonsense coach who drilled discipline and demanded respect. Rex Ryan was a player friendly coach who thought every player was destined for great things, most of the players loved him but there was a lack of accountability, it was loose and that came through in the games.

Todd Bowles doesn't fit into either one of these categories, in fact he's probably somewhere in the middle.

He's a former player so he can sympathies with the players. he can be fun, friendly and engaging. He is also a firm believer in discipline and accountability, do things right and we can have some fun along the way. He's not going to get too low on mistakes and he's not going to get too high on success.

All in all, it makes it very boring for writers. That's not a complaint, that's just the truth. We rely on comments and insights to provide content. Beat writers more so than ourselves. I happen to love his approach and think he'll be a big success. However there is a no nonsense approach, he's not here to entertain the media or the fans, he's here to win football games and by default, that will offer the entertainment.

After each practice, Bowles meets the media for an interview session and we receive the transcripts. Under Rex Ryan there would be 10-15 aspects you can write about, under Bowles you have to dig deeper, which is a good thing. For example, take the following question and response

On if there's any second or third team guys that have jumped out...

Not to speak of, no. They're all just practicing getting better.

This is the kind of question that Rex would take and run with. In turn we'd had a ready made story "Underdog *insert player name* impressing in camp". That's not how it works here now, everyone is on an equal standing, at least for now, and everyone needs to keep working.

Todd Bowles isn't interested in hyperbole and entertaining anyone at anytime. He's not a strict disciplinarian, he's also not a clown. We're starting to understand what kind of coach we've got, whether it results in wins is another matter and at the end of the day, that's what he's going to be judged on, but right now, he's getting it just right.