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Geno Smith Talks About Speed

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Today Geno Smith discussed playing faster in Chan Gailey's offense.

On Chan Gailey’s advice to get rid of the ball quicker…

Well I think that’s with everybody. Every offense, you know in the league. The game is so fast, the defensive linemen are so quick. You can’t hold the ball forever so to help out my offensive linemen I have to get the ball out fast. We have to cut down on the sacks from last year so seeing it faster, being able to process faster, seeing things before they happen, will help me do that.

On what he meant when he said this offense allows him to play fast…

Well, just seeing the things with the defense, seeing the blitzes, seeing the pressures, knowing where your outlets are, knowing where your hots are, (where) your sights are and getting the ball out. Knowing where the guys are going to be, trusting that they are going to see the same things that you are. That comes along with communication and us talking and constantly going over things in the classroom then getting out here and actually executing it.

On whether Gailey’s verbage is long…

No, I don’t think it’s long. I don’t think he’s scaled it down, it’s just the way he runs his offense. I don’t think it’s very long, but I can’t tell you versus any other offense. I mean, I think west coast is probably the longest, but other than that, I don’t know.

Speed has been a big problem with Geno the first two years of his career. Last year, PFF had only Russell Wilson taking a longer time between the snap and the average passing attempt. Even that does not paint the full picture. While Wilson is a master of improvisation, Geno has shown signs of struggle when holding the ball. His time has been due in part to not pulling the trigger when there is a passing lane available. Geno has also run himself into drive-killing big sacks.

In this respect, Gailey emphasis on getting the ball out quickly might provide some built in relief. Ryan Fitzpatrick was second and fourth quickest respectively from snap to pass in Gailey's last two seasons with Buffalo.

The Jets aren't going to need Geno to be Aaron Rodgers to have success this season, but they are going to need him to be effective. One of the big things preventing him from being effective to date has been his tendency to make catastrophic plays, and those frequently come when he holds the ball too long. Hopefully Gailey's offense can help him some.