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NY Jets: Who's Your Guy?

Who do you hope makes the cut?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

With first cuts underway, I thought I'd take the temperature of the room and see who are the popular bubble guys this year. Everyone tends to find a guy who they think will make it through cuts and they're hoping will make the final 53. I compiled a list of guys I consider "on the bubble." This means it's not guaranteed, or even particularly likely, that they will make the roster. I excluded some guys, such as Marcus Williams, because I believe they have already proven that they belong on the team this year.

  1. Oday Aboushi
  2. Deion Barnes
  3. T.J. Barnes
  4. Stephen Bowen
  5. Charles Brown
  6. Kellen Davis
  7. Dakota Dozier
  8. Durell Eskridge
  9. Shaq Evans
  10. Jarvis Harrison
  11. Erin Henderson
  12. Julian Howsare
  13. Wesley Johnson
  14. Taiwan Jones
  15. Jamari Lattimore
  16. Arthur Lnch
  17. Keon Lyn
  18. Rontez Miles
  19. Dashaun Phillips
  20. Walter Powell
  21. Brent Qvale
  22. Trevor Reilly
  23. Daryl Richardson
  24. Wes Saxton
  25. Deon Simon
  26. Ronald Talley
  27. Kevin Vickerson
  28. Darrin Walls
  29. Jordan Williams
  30. Brian Winters

There are a few guys here that I'd like to see make the roster. My #1 guy from this list has to be Erin Henderson. He didn't have a lot of time before his injury, but he made his mark. He looked like a starting caliber linebacker out there, showing great instincts and good athleticism. He would provide excellent depth for the Jets, who have been lucky in recent years to avoid injuries to their interior linebackers. Henderson was a quality player for Minnesota and it's pretty clear that he belongs in the NFL. Some wondered if it was off the field issues alone that derailed his career: It seems that was indeed the case. He will be on a roster this year, and I see no reason why it should not be with the Jets.

I've also been very impressed by Trevor Reilly's performance on special teams. In each preseason game for two years, he has made impact plays against the 2s and 3s as well as shine in punt coverage. Will he ever be an above average NFL starter? No, I don't think so. But he is a solid depth player with very little wear and tear on his body due to an injury and break from football. I really like what he brings as a backup linebacker. I think he has the ability to play inside and outside if someone were to go down, and he is very solid on special teams. He's a great back-end roster guy.

Probably the strangest case on the list is Oday Aboushi. He was arguably the Jets' best guard in 2014; now he's a 3rd stringer who has a suspension and may not make it through roster cuts. I don't really know what happened, but it would be pretty disappointing to see him miss the cut. He was mediocre last year. Mediocre at guard is good enough if you have talent elsewhere. Unless he takes a major step back, I don't know how he misses the cut.

The person who gives me the most trouble evaluating is Rontez Miles. I just don't know what to do with him. He has incredible instincts and good closing speed. He generally takes decent angles and he is always around the ball. Just watch the tape and you will see a green #45 jersey in just about every play. But the guy simply cannot wrap up. He probably has the worst tackling technique I've ever seen and seems to just throw his body at the ball carrier's legs rather than wrap them up. In the first preseason game, I thought he should be cut immediately after missing about a half dozen tackles. It reminds me a bit of Stephen Hill, who was so afraid of contact that he would just jump every time the ball was in the air. I just don't know if this is something Miles can correct or not. He's already 26 and it seems like a systemic problem. It's a shame, though, because I think Miles sniffs out plays better than any other DB on the roster. If he could change this and learn how to tackle properly, he would easily be the best SS the Jets have right now in my mind. If the Jets think they can work with him and help him relearn tackling and pursuit, there's no doubt in my mind that they will keep him. Personally, I think he makes the roster mostly because of the weakness of the unit overall.

That rounds out my list of roster bubble players. I'd like to see Taiwan Jones and Durrell Eskridge make it to the practice squad. If Jarvis Harrison doesn't make the roster, though I expect that he will, he would also be a great candidate. Jamari Lattimore has also made an excellent case for a roster spot, and I expect him to make it. Walter Powell probably makes the roster as a returner, though I don't think he's very good as a receiver or kick returner. If I can only pick one from my list, I have to go with Henderson. So who's your guy?