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What's the Deal with Jeremy Kerley? (Also, Airline Food)

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

For a while now, Jeremy Kerley has been listed as the fourth wide receiver. The likes of Quincy Enunwa and Chris Owusu have gotten numerous opportunities over him, while Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker are cemented as the top two wide receivers. Obviously, anyone who has watched Kerley over the past few years has seen that he's a decent enough slot receiver, maybe not a star but a fairly reliable player that admittedly can go absent for a few games at a time.

So it's been interesting to see him be relegated to the fourth wide receiver spot. The question is, why? What did he do wrong, if anything? Or are we just seeing something that isn't really there? Rich Cimini seems to have a theory that Kerley was "coasting" after his new contract last season, and that this is a punishment of sorts. Kimberley Martin seems to think something similar is afoot:

It's doubtful we'll find out exactly what's going on, so let's use this opportunity to make uninformed guesses. Thoughts?

EDIT: I just realized I neglected to address airline food. Enjoy.