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Jets Cut Tracker

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The end of the third preseason game brings the first round of cuts. The Jets need to trim their roster from 90 to 75 by 4:00 PM Tuesday.

Posey was acquired in a Draft trade with the Texans as the Jets moved down in the third round. He was having a nice preseason, but a roster spot seemed like an impossibility with the numbers in front of him at wide receiver. His impact was also probably a tad overstated. A few decent preseason games against backups and third stringers does not necessarily mean a player can produce in the NFL.


Two years ago, somebody on the Jets told a few writers that the team liked Freeman. From that point on, it feels like people thought Freeman had more potential than he really did. When he got his chance from Nick Mangold's late season injury last year, it was not an impressive showing.


With how quickly this news keeps coming in, it sounds like the Jets might be making their moves at once. I wouldn't be surprised to see them down to 75 before the end of the day.

Hakim first found his way to the Jets in 2013. He was the first kickoff returner last season. Given his size, it was tough to see him contributing as much more than a returner and a gadget type on offense. Unfortunately, a few guys outplayed him in those areas.


The Jets officially announced the cuts mentioned above along with a few others.

WR Jonathon Rumph

WR Austin Hill

LB Bryan Johnson

DB Javier Arenas

DB Curtis Brown

Arenas' chances to make the team a punt returner might have been lost by Walter Powell's touchdown last night.

The roster stands at 78. The Jets need to get it to 75 by Tuesday.