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New York Jets: Five Pointing Down

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets beat the Giants last night 28-18. It was a nice effort all around, but particularly for the starters who beat the Giants by two touchdowns in the first half. The team played well so it is tough to single out players whose stock went down. Here are five who did not play well.

Eric Decker as punt returner

I think the night was a success for Decker as a whole. I will gladly take 3 catches for 53 yards and a touchdown in a half of play. The Jets utilized Decker as a punt returner, though, in place of Jeremy Kerley, and the results were not good. Decker twice got the Jets pinned inside their own 10. Once it was because he didn't catch a ball he should have caught, and it rolled. The second time was because of a muff. Todd Bowles said the plan was to have Decker fair catch everything in Kerley's place. The Jets need to find a more effective strategy when Kerley is out.

Calvin Pryor

The only time Pryor stuck out was when he missed a tackle on Rashad Jennings near the line of scrimmage that led to a big run and a first down. Preseason is not always indicative of how somebody will play in the regular season. That is a good thing in Pryor's case. In his limited preseason action, he has looked like the exact same player he was a year ago.

Demario Davis

He might have been the Jets' leading tackler, but he was flagged twice to extend the Giants' only touchdown drive of the first half. The first one was a bang-bang call, but the way he was draped over his man was begging for a flag to be thrown.

Nick Folk

The new extra point rules are probably not going to make a huge difference, but they might expose the teams with shaky kickers a bit. This is a concern I quietly have about Folk, and his missed extra point last night isn't going to cure it.

Shaq Evans

Evans had a shot to make a big play in the first half, but he tried to one hand the ball. It would have been a very difficult catch. Evans needs to make difficult plays, though. I might be misreading things, but I think six receiver spots are essentially locked in right now. They will go to Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley, Devin Smith, Chris Owusu, and Quincy Enunwa. Anybody else needs to do something to really stick out in order to make it. Evans did not do that. Walter Powell did with his punt return for a touchdown.