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Jets vs. Giants Second Half Thread

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Through the first two preseason games, the Jets' starters had not looked very good. There was some level of concern. In the third game, the first team has looked a whole lot better. The Jets lead the Giants 21-7 at halftime. Ryan Fitzpatrick has a pair of touchdown passes. The Giants' only scoring drive was extended twice by questionable calls, and the defense made up for it right before the end of the half. Antonio Cromartie picked off an Eli Manning pass and took it back the distance.

Does this mean a whole lot? No, but it should at least put some minds at ease as the first teamers make what will probably be their final appearance of the preseason.

Leave your second half thoughts on the Snoopy Bowl below. As always, we kindly ask that you not post links to illegal broadcasts of this game over the internet. Thank you.