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Jets vs. Giants Game Thread

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the Snoopy Bowl. The Jets and the Giants meet in their annual preseason game.

The winner of this game gets a trophy. That trophy does not mean a whole lot, though. For the Jets, there are two much more important goals from this game. The first is to avoid any more key injuries. The second is to get their first teamers to show some life. This will likely be the last time in preseason we see the starters. They have not looked good at all so far in the preseason. Would another bad outing be the end of the world? Would it even be that big of a deal? No, but it would be cause for at least some minor concern as we prepare for the regular season.

Leave your thoughts below. As always, we ask that you neither ask for nor provide links to illegal broadcasts of the game over the internet.