The Case for Jace

I've noticed a troubling trend here at GGN. Everyone has started coming for Jace Amaro's head. Yes, I know he was not having a good camp before he hurt his shoulder. But man, can we let the season start before we start turning on players? Jace is still one of my favorite Idzik draft picks because of his receiving ability and potential. No, he probably will never be Graham or Gronk level (who is?), but I genuinely believe he can be an effective player for us for at least a few years. Someone like Heath Miller (without the blocking prowess), who doesn't get alot of hype, but is one of the most consistent players year in and year out for the Steelers. Someone who can be a reliable fallback option for the QB if the WRs aren't open, especially on third down.

I've seen comments this preseason saying "man, I wish we had a TE", and even people calling for Jace to be cut. Lets not forget that he was one of if not the most effective rookie TEs last year. Yeah, none of them were amazing (I remember Ebron being a disappointment), and its not like Jace himself set the world on fire either (345 yards and several drops). That being said, I think he should get the benefit of the doubt. Transitioning from the Texas Tech offense to the NFL is no piece of cake. In fact, transitioning from college to the NFL is very hard in general, as you can see with many rookies (remember Eli at the start of his career?). Sadly, not everyone can be OBJ. This is why both the coaching staff and the fans should be willing to give him another year as the starting TE. Lets see if he can build on his first year before we turn on him. I'm hoping he'll use that 6'5 frame to his advantage, especially in the red zone. And hey, it would be nice to have an Idzik draft pick be good besides Sheldon Richardson right?

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