The Ten Who Just Miss

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Roster cuts will begin on Tuesday when the roster dwindles down to 75 players. The cuts will continue four days later when teams must submit their final 53 man rosters in anticipation for the start of the season. Following this cut, the teams will produce a practice squad of up to ten players to hang onto for the start of the season. Now practice squaders are rarely stars, they are not usually diamonds in the rough, and most of them will not go on to be NFL superstars, but practice squaders are granted one thing that is intriguing, they are granted a chance to further their NFL careers.

The Jets have some found interesting cases on their practice squads from the last few years including Marcus Williams who, in all fairness, was a member of Houston's practice squad prior to being claimed by the Jets mid season in 2014. Our practice squad has also housed players like Antonio Allen, Chris Owusu, and Rontez Miles, who have produced intriguing cases for future NFL resumes. Players on the practice squad may not have more than two years of NFL service, and that is two years on the active 45 man gameday roster, so a player who spend a season on IR or was inactive for most of the year can find themselves on the practice squad.

That being said, I have developed a list of players I would like to see the Jets retain via practice squad:

1. Jonathon Rumph, WR Georgia

I love Rumph for his size and ability to become a legitimate redzone target but it is important to note that Rumph was probably not drafted because of his injury history. It is not as though the cards were really stacked in favor for an undrafted free agent signed late in the off season but Rumph seems to have a good rep with Bryce Petty and I feel he may help Bryce develop into our QB of the future if he can remain around and practice with the team. Who knows, he may even get called up to the active roster one day.

2. Taiwan Jones, ILB Michigan State

We were all surprised to see a thumper like Jones go undrafted but from what we've seen in preseason, the man may need a little bit of work before he can make his way to an NFL field. On the practice squad we can get a better look at the linebacker.

3. Keon Lynn, CB Syracuse

Keon did not look awful in preseason action thus far and because of this, I feel he can earn a larger look on our practice squad. Keon is another example of a possible higher draft status erased by injury but if he can stay healthy he may be able to contribute cheap depth on future teams.

4. Arthur Lynch, TE Georgia

I loved Lynch out of college in 2014 and was strongly hoping the tight end needy Jets would invest in a proven blocker with above average hands and all around great character. Sadly we were Idziked out of our fantasy land and Lynch went on to sign with Miami. Thankfully we brought Lynch over a couple weeks ago to let him get a long look. Lynch, a fifth round pick hampered by injury last year, has the potential to develop into a solid blocking tight end and may even be an improvement over Kellen Davis.

5. Deion Barnes, OLB Penn State

Deion has the size and drive to be a pass rusher in the NFL which is why his case is so intriguing to me. Deion put up some high sack numbers at Penn State and should make an intriguing case for a spot on an NFL roster once his technique gets refined.

6. Durell Eskridge, FS Syracuse

Eskridge has a good head on his shoulders, he is a student of the game and he is coachable, from what I've read. The issue is Eskridge is the odd man out in our backfield and that's okay because Eskridge needs some coaching.

Beyond six spots I would like to leave three of the last four open to players from other teams. Consider players like David Andrews, C with New England, Terron Ward, RB with Atlanta, and OG Josue Matias with Miami should they all get cut and therefore eligible to sign.

As for the final of the four spots, consider the following players all practice squad eligible: Shaq Evans, Quincy Enunwa, Wesley Johnson, Dalton Freeman, Wes Saxon, Brent Qvale, Julian Howsare, Walter Powell, Dashaun Phillips, and Jake Heaps. Who would I chose? ... well assuming one of Enunwa or Evans make the roster, one of Wesley Johnson or Freeman make the roster, Qvale makes the roster, and Jace Amaro needs more time to heal allowing Saxon to make the roster, I gotta go with Walter Powell. WHY POWELL? Because he's surprisingly not that bad despite that awful playing the kick on a bounce thing he did against Detroit. Powell may be a better punt returner than Kerley and he may develop into a somewhat threatening kick returner, a position we don't really have someone filling should Owusu get injured and Hakim develop statues for hands again. Powell is silently developing into a decent fifth or sixth receiver, and an unfortunate reason for Idzik to mumble "I told you so," in his Jacksonville apartment. Now I am not saying Powell will be great but I am saying he may be worth keeping around, especially on a team that's developing Bryce Petty and doesn't really have returner depth.

So to reiterate, my final practice squad prediction/desire: Jonathon Rumph WR, Taiwon Jones ILB, Keon Lynn CB, Arthur Lynch TE, Deion Barnes OLB, Durell Eskridge FS, David Andrews C, Terron Ward RB, Josue Matias OG, and Walter Powell WR. So feel free to attack me below.

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