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NY Jets: Josh Johnson In, Jake Heaps Out

Johnson is fast. Really fast. That's all I've got.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have signed journeyman quarterback Josh Johnson and cut quarterback Jake Heaps.

Who is Josh Johnson?  I'm so glad you asked.  Josh Javon Johnson (Triple J!) is a 29 year old, 6' 3", 200 pound quarterback out of the University of San Diego.  He was timed as low as 4.44 seconds in the 40 yard dash back in the day.  You can check out his impressive speed in this video of a touchdown run against the Titans.

That's impressive speed.  Unfortunately, that's pretty much all that is impressive about Johnson.

Triple J has started five NFL games.  The next game he starts and wins in the NFL will be his first.  Five starts, five losses.  Johnson has five career touchdown passes and ten interceptions.  His career passer rating is (gulp!) 57.7.  Johnson has never played an NFL game in which he had more touchdown passes than interceptions.  Johnson also fumbles.  A lot.  To the tune of ten fumbles in only 177 career pass attempts.  Ol' Sancho and Geno have nothing on Triple J when it comes to turning the ball over.  The new Jets turnover machine, only this one is turbocharged.  Clearly a budding superstar.

The best part of Triple J's game is his running.  Did I mention he is really fast?  Johnson has 44 career rushing attempts for 274 yards and zero touchdowns.  Wait, what? Didn't I just post a video showing Triple J blowing by opponents for a rushing touchdown?  What is this, some kind of trick video or something?  Well, no; it was a preseason game.  Which, come to think of it, is kinda fake.  So he's a stud in preseason.  Yeah, there's that.

The best thing about Triple J, besides his awesome alliterative name?  He once went an entire NCAA season with 43 touchdowns and one(!) interception.  And he graduated college as the all time most efficient passer in NCAA history.  For more about that, you can read this delusional article published by some dude who clearly was suffering from some serious break with reality while broaching the idea of the Jets signing Triple J as a backup almost four years ago. Weird article by some loony tune about Josh Johnson. I mean, they really should have some standards as to who is allowed to post this kind of garbage on the internet.  That dude was so clueless.

Anyway, welcome Triple J.  And since I may not be around much next week, let me also say in advance, it was nice knowing you.