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Jets Training Camp Updates 8/26

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is winding down for the New York Jets. Today they continue their preparation for their third preseason game, which comes Saturday evening against the New York Giants.

The third preseason game is considered the dress rehearsal for most teams. They prepare for it like it is a real game. Starters play into the second half. It is likely the final tune up prior to the start of the regular season. In the fourth and final preseason game, teams tend to sit down the starters. This both gives the most important players on the team rest for the start of the regular season and gives the coaching staff an extra chance to look at players at the bottom of the roster competing for the last spots.

For the Jets, this third preseason game takes on an extra dimension because the starters have not looked very good in the first two preseason games. A strong performance would help ease some anxiety.

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