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New York Jets: A Note to Season Ticket Holders

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you are a season ticket holder, please note the Jets have sent information regarding Playoff tickets in the mail.

Why are the Jets trying to sell you Playoff tickets after two preseason games? It is a league policy. The NFL wants to give season ticket holders an exclusive early window to guarantee them Playoff tickets. Ticket holders who reserve their Playoff tickets before September 10 will get Wild Card round tickets at the average per game price of their seat in their season ticket package.

To reserve Playoff tickets, you would need to provide credit card information, even if you do not usually pay for your tickets by credit card. You would only be charged for games the Jets actually play at home. You won't be charged for a Wild Card game until the Jets are actually set to host a game in that round. If the Jets don't host a game in that round, your card won't be charged.

You can reserve your tickets at Please note that this is totally optional for season ticket holders. You still might have a chance to reserve tickets after the September 10 deadline. The Wild Card round discount expires on September 10, though, so prices will be higher than the average price of your ticket if you miss that deadline.

If you don't like any of that, please remember that I am only the messenger.