If RG III gets released from Washington do we consider trying to sign him? I know we already have Fitz, Smith, Petty, Flynn and Heaps. Of course Heaps and Flynn will probably be gone when Geno returns and the season starts.

Is RG III a viable QB for the future? Is he capable of actual growth into an NFL QB or is he done? It's possible that Buffalo might be interested as well if he becomes available. I am not sure that he has much of an upside at this point. He seems like another Sanchez to me. I do feel like he was handled incorrectly right from the start of his NFL career. They designed plays for him to run as QB runs. I have never been in favor of exposing your QB to more physical abuse than necessary. Then they left him in for the playoffs when it was obvious he could barely walk much less run, we all know how that turned out.

Once he recovered from the physical part of that injury it seemed like he never recovered mentally. He hasn't looked good since. Is that a lack of ability, or is it mismanagement or does he just not have what he needs to be successful in the NFL.

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