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Jace Amaro Won't Be Back Anytime Soon

The Jets 2nd year TE was looking to make a statement this year, but now it looks as though he may not be ready for the start of the season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Jace Amaro is yet to record a reception this year, after all it's hard to post up some statistics when you're not playing, a shoulder injury keeping him on the sidelines.

Amaro recorded 38 receptions for 345 yards and 2 touchdowns last year while experiencing rookie growing pains and inconsistent QB play. He dropped several passes in camp and continued to drop passes through the season, he was credited with 6 dropped passes, which was good for 4th most in the league at TE.

His rookie numbers were good, they were acceptable and he was expected to make the leap this year. With a full season of Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall demanding extra coverage, the door was open for a breakout campaign, that may still happen.

Jace Amaro was listed as the 3rd TE on the roster earlier this off-season, but as John explained, it was more to do with how the jets viewed the TE position going forward.

The problem is it looks as though Jace Amaro is going to miss significant time this off-season. Todd Bowles confirmed that he won't be practicing anytime soon, saying he can't even use his shoulder. He couldn't confirm when Amaro would be able to come back, but he said that if a player can't use the shoulder, then he obviously can't play football.

He won't play this week and with the time he has missed and the fact he won't be participating "anytime soon" , I'd be surprised if he played in the final pre-season game and he may well miss the opening game of the season against Cleveland.