Despite Win/Improved Effort, Media Slams Jets

One of the many perks of being a Jets fan is the weekly bashing from local and mainstream media outlets. I have no qualms when it is warranted (terrible play, potential draft busts, silly predictions etc.) but it seems we took it on the chin a little harder than most were expecting after Friday's victory. Here are a few headlines that don't really sum up how the game was played.

Jets 'D' gets another 'F' during preseason game against Falcons: (Manish Mehta/Daily News)

Giving the defense an 'F' is harsh given the circumstance. Matt Ryan's longest completion (60 out of his 75 yds) was a well defended play. The FB was the obvious last check down option and if Coples had his hips turned the right way, it could have been a pick-six. I do have to give Ryan credit for placing the ball perfectly to allow the FB to catch in stride. Special teams allowed a 59 yard punt return by Devin Hester that pinned the defense into a corner and a second score.

Jets hit trifecta of terrible in alarming, deceiving win: (Brian Costello/NY Post)

How can a preseason game be so deceiving? The Jets showed how much better their depth is than the Falcons and solid depth is what carries teams deep into the playoffs. If Atlanta loses Matt Ryan, they are in a world of hurt with backups Yates and Renfree. I was shocked that the Jets ended up winning by falling behind 14-0 while amassing 17 penalties.

Matt Ryan looks sharp against sluggish New York Jets defense: (AP/Fox Sports)

Again, it sounds like Matt Ryan sliced up the Jets defense which is not true. 80% of his passing yards was one play, throw in a bad call on Revis and the great return by Devin Hester and it would be hard not to finish with scores. The touchdown pass to Hankerson was on Cromartie either blowing coverage or he got picked to leave him wide open.

New York Jets beat Falcons, but Ryan Fitzpatrick & Co. struggle: (Rich Cimini/ESPN)

Not a surprise piece from Cimini. Ryan Fitzpatrick is supposed to be a game manager, not Aaron Rodgers. He finished the game 13 of 19 for 118 yds and no turnovers. Atlanta showed that they improved their defense with great play from new addition Adrian Clayborn. With that said I have no doubt that given the opportunity, Ivory would have opened up more play action and passing lanes for Fitz allowing for some scoring drives.

My positive takeaways from Friday's victory over the Falcons:

- The team scored 30 points. I don't care that it was a preseason game. I don't care that it was scored on 2nd and 3rd stringers. The Jets have only scored 30 or more points 6x in the past 3 seasons. It feels good when you see them score that many points because of the inept offenses we have been fielding on an annual basis.

- Bryce Petty has the IT factor. It was a nice step forward from his last game against Detroit where he appeared to be timid and conservative. We got to see Bryce in an extended role that involved a little more of Chan Gailey's playbook. He looked poised and comfortable. The footwork and technique still need work, but that can be taught and learned. Petty said he always like Brett Favre, it was evident when he tried to force a pass into the end zone that was almost intercepted. Favre was a gunslinger and I wouldn't mind that type of play from Petty going forward because he has the arm and talent to do it.

- Leonard Williams adds some highlights. We knew it was coming, and it was fun to watch!

What needs to improve?

- Penalties. This looked like a sloppy Rex Ryan coached team. Some calls were very questionable, but 17 flags usually results in a loss. Todd Bowles will crack the whip this week on the sloppy play.

- Antonio Cromartie. I hope he's saving it for the regular season, because so far he looks like the Cromartie from two years ago. Antonio is getting long in the tooth, but he needs to play like he did in Arizona if the Jets are going to be a top defense.

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