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What Player Will Surprise This Season?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Most people flat out expect someone like Muhammad Wilkerson or Darrelle Revis to do well this season. Obviously, they've done it every year of their career and there's no reason to think anything has changed. But there will (hopefully) be players that do well that most people aren't expecting to do well this season. Who is that person for you? Is your choice based on some statistic, or pure gut feeling? Likewise, is there anyone you expect to play surprisingly poorly?

I'll give you three players that might do surprisingly well. I have a good feeling about Dexter McDougle, Lorenzo Mauldin, and Chris Owusu. McDougle hasn't been able to play much at all so far in his career, but when he has this offseason, it's been very much up-and-down. There are plays when he gets beat, mostly from what I've seen on play recognition, and others where he's flying towards the ball. Mauldin, likewise, has generated some good pressure on the quarterback but needs to work on closing the deal. Owusu has been out recently with a concussion, but there have been a number of reports that he was fighting hard for the third wide receiver spot and making Jeremy Kerley truly earn it.

All three are high-motor guys whose problems seem mostly to stem from lack of playing time; the kinds of mistakes that get better with more practice, such as play recognition, finishing a sack, and expanding his route tree. So, I have a good feeling about all three that they may contribute in a meaningful way this season as they get more and more experience. What do you think? Who do you expect to surprise?