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Jets vs. Falcons Final Score 30-22: Superbowl Bound

The Jets defeat the Falcons 30-22.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets defeated the Falcons 30-22 tonight after initially trailing 14-0. Though the Jets won the game, preseason games are less about final score and more about what you see on tape. The Jets' first team units were demolished by the Falcons, who crushed the Jets on offense, defense, and special teams. This had a lot of people concerned before the second string units started to sneak into the game, at which point the Jets rapidly turned the tide. Overall, tonight was a very mixed bag. Though I obviously haven't gotten to review the tape, a few things that stood out to me during the game:

Leonard Williams stole the show

The Big Cat did everything right, ending up with 5 tackles, 1.5 sacks. 3 tackles for loss, 3 QB hits, and a safety. Though he racked up a lot of stats against backups to one of the worst offensive lines in football, the Big Cat looked incredible doing it. He showed great hand quickness and awareness, and performed a perfect stunt on one of his sacks. Anyone with high hopes for Williams (aka everyone) should feel encouraged by his performance tonight.

Rontez Miles always sticks out

Miles always seems to be around the ball. He's shown excellent instincts in both games and had an impressive fumble recovery for a touchdown. His tackling technique is extremely poor, however, as he missed numerous tackles in week 1 and showed similar flaws against the Falcons. He tends to just torpedo himself at the ball carrier's stomach or legs. His path to a roster spot likely depends on whether or not he can improve here.

Bryce Petty looks like a new man

Petty's first NFL start was frankly terrible. His second start was much more encouraging. While he had a red zone fumble and a throw that should have been intercepted in the end zone, he made quite a few nice throws, including a perfect throw to DeVier Posey for the Jets' first touchdown pass of the preseason. Petty still showed questionable footwork, an inability to read a defense and go through his progressions, and some scattershot accuracy. Petty still has a long way to go, but tonight was a first step.

Chris Ivory is tough to stop with the ball in his hands

Ivory is not good in pass protection and has a reputation for poor hands, but you do not want to see him with the ball in his hands. Ivory had a nice run for a touchdown and barreled through a handful of attempted tackles. Ivory also had a reception, proving that his hands are not, in fact, literally made of stone.

Brandon Marshall is going to help whoever starts at QB this season

Marshall is a strong, strong man. He's not going to take the top off of a defense, but he is one of the best at curl and slant routes, as well as red zone routes. He's also an excellent blocker, although he was called for a holding penalty which negated a large chunk of yardage. Marshall is going to be a real security blanket this year.

All in all, it was nice to see the Jets win. I'm not sure tonight was a good omen for the season considering how the Jets starters played, but it's always nice to win. Week 3 is usually when you get a glimpse of what the team will really look like during the regular season, so hopefully the Jets starters can turn it around. Enjoy the win, everyone!