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Jets vs. Falcons Game Thread

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason football, but football nonetheless.

Tonight the Jets welcome the Atlanta Falcons to Metlife Stadium for the second preseason game. Coming off a relatively sloppy opener against the Detroit Lions, Todd Bowles will likely be looking for a better effort from the team this time around.

The starters should play most of the first half, and Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a full week worth of reps this time to get settled into the starting quarterback role, after being thrown into action under fairly unexpected circumstances last week. Hopefully there will be positive notes from the Jets offense today, and improved execution for the starting unit on the defense as well. Most of all, hopefully there will be no preseason injuries or incidents that lead to further depletion of the depth chart.

Please leave your thoughts below, and as ever we ask that you neither request nor provide links to any illegal broadcasts. If you are looking for ways to watch the game please check out John's post from earlier today on broadcast and streaming options. Cheers for watching the game with us.