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5 Things I Want To See Against The Atlanta Falcons

Has the novelty of just having football disappeared yet? We all want the regular season to get here, but I'll be looking for some things when the Jets host the Falcons later this evening.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

1) A scoring drive by the 1st team offense

I really think this is very important for the Jets. A lot has been said about the offense over the course of the off-season and being held to 3 points didn't help the matter. The simple fact is the starters played well little in game one, they'll get significantly more time in game two. I don't want to see a good drive stall inside the red zone, I want to see the Jets push the ball and take the ball in for a touchdown. I actually have a lot of faith in the offensive potential of this football team, now it's up to people like Fitzpatrick, Marshall, Decker, Ivory, Mangold and Brick to prove they can contribute.

2) No passing touchdowns allowed

We all know that Revis is elite and Cromartie is very good, but even in the pre-season I want to see them flex their muscles. They will be coming up a good attack spearheaded by Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. I don't want to see the first team defense give up a single touchdown to the Atlanta Falcons through the air. The Detroit Lions and Golden Tate carved the Jets D up last week and with it being week one, I didn't really mind, but even though it's pre-season, you don't want to see bad habits. Lets shut them down.

3) Tackling must be better.

Talking of bad habits, some of the tackling last night was absolutely atrocious. People were lunging at feet, using their shoulders and rarely did anyone actually wrap up and complete a tackle with good technique. Whether it's the first game of the pre-season an off-season workout or the Super Bowl, that's not acceptable. I don't want to see highlight reel hits, I want to see players bend their knees, play with leverage, understand the situation, wrap up the ball carrier and hang on until the player is downed.

4) Petty improvement

I don't expect Petty to be starting for any NFL team for at least 2-3 years, the development curve is just too steep to expect anything less. However like with every young player, you want to see them improve. Players will make mistakes, however if they continue to make the same mistakes, then it becomes a problem. Petty will likely get the entire second half to showcase his skills, so lets see some better decisions, lets see some working through progressions, finding his #2 and #3 targets. I also want to see improvement in game situational awareness and improvement with his internal clock. He doesn't need to be perfect, he just needs to be better than last week.

5) Offensive Line Performance

The offensive line is a key unit on any football team. When a football team doesn't have a great quarterback, it's even more important. I wasn't paying much attention to the offensive line last week, but this week I'll be focusing in on the unit. How do they work together, are then in sync? Do they move the opposition off the ball? How does Carpenter look now he's playing between Mangold and Ferguson? Can Colon really do a job for the Jets this year and does Giacomini look any better than he did his first year. Lots of questions, hopefully some answers.