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Wilkerson May Not Play Against The Falcons

It's looking less and less likely that Jets star defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson will suit up for the 2nd pre-season game against the Atlanta Falcons.

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Hamstring issues can be very difficult. They often linger far longer than anyone expects, and if you get the timing wrong., it can result in a more substantial injury.

Wilkerson has been limited through the majority of camp with a nagging hamstring injury. He missed the first Jets pre-season game and by the looks of it, he is set to miss the 2nd pre-season game as well.

Todd Bowles confirmed that if Wilkerson fails to participate in practice today, he probably won't play against the Falcons this weekend.

The problem is, this is now coming to a period of the off-season where you are wanting to get people consistent reps to improve their conditioning and game speed ahead of week one. You absolutely can't rush Wilkerson back but the longer this injury lingers, the more concerned the Jets will become about his status.

At the moment, nobody expects Wilkerson to miss any time to start the season which is important because the Jets are already down one star defensive lineman, they can't really afford to be down another.

I doubt Wilkerson plays this weekend, and I hope to see him back on the practice field next week, but his contract is not the only thing to think about at the minute as Muhammad rehabs a troublesome injury.