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Veteran Willie Colon Winning Guard Battle At New York Jets Camp

Todd Bowles may not be willing to name Colon as his starter just yet, but the veteran has the leg-up in the race to start at right guard.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to be honest and admit that I wasn't all that pleased when the Jets decided to bring veteran guard Willie Colon back into the fold. He's just turned 32, he was a walking penalty machine last year and he's now started over 90 games, putting a lot of pressure on the big man's knees.

He was called for 14 penalties last year, including 7 false starts, but obviously the Jets saw enough to want him back.

At the start of camp, he was my hot-tip to be cut before the final 53 was settled but right now, it looks as though he's not only going to survive, but he's actually going to start.

Todd Bowles wouldn't confirm that Willie was the starting right guard, but he did have this to say about the situation.

Not yet (decision on the starter). He's (Willie Colon) been playing better than everybody else so far, so he gets the lion's share of the reps.

He brings a lot of toughness. So far he looks good, his knees have been holding up. He's been upbeat. He's one of the most talkative guys in camp. He makes every day festive and he plays like that. He's one of the older guys, but he's got one of the younger spirits. He's been having a good camp

Brian Winters is mainly running with the 2's, while the player who finished last year as the starter, Oday Aboushi is still running with the 3's. It sounds as though the veteran is making a good impression on the rookie head coach and it also sounds as though he's a good guy to have around the locker room, and that really can't be understated. I'm all in favor of competition, so if Colon wins the battle, then Colon wins the battle, that's the point of a competition.