Geno: The Human/Moral discussion vs the Football/QB discussion

It seems to me like they can be exclusive subjects and a lot of of fans have a hard time separating the two. Now this is my opinion only, as people on GGN have varying degrees of opinions on both.

Subject 1- The Human/Moral discussion (again my opinion):

Did Geno deserve to get clocked and have his jaw broken? Certainly not. 100%. There is no need for physical violence there. Even if IK felt disrespected, then step away and be the better person. He obviously has anger issues based on his past so that's probably not so easy. If Geno pressed charges and/or sued him I'd have no problem with this whatsoever. Especially now that he's been picked up and on another team.

Subject 2- The Football/QB discussion:

What does this and other incidents with Geno say about his maturity and him being the franchise QB the Jets have been looking for what seem like an eternity? Leading up to this Geno could have squashed this whole thing SEVERAL times. Geno weeks before this: "Sorry man. Had this personal issue and couldn't make it. Here's the $600 and a little something for your charity. I'll try my best to be there next year since I know how much this means to you". Then when it happened, from all accounts, it sounds like he didn't handle this well at all. Combine this with all his other signs of immaturity dating back to the draft. Reports of him listening to music and being disinterested when interviewing with teams. The airport incident,. Missing a freaking practice while being at a movie (no excuse for that). Now the way he handled this whole IK thing, which was so preventable. It's just another sign of him not getting it and that he will never get it. Both on and off the field.

So in summary. Why can't the 2 subjects be exclusive and why do people have a hard time separating them? Am I an "insensitive victim blamer" just because I think Geno's immaturity has a big effect on his ability to be a quality QB?

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