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Matt Flynn Visits the New York Jets

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport reports the New York Jets brought in Matt Flynn for a workout today.

Manish Mehta says Flynn got a physical but no workout.

Either way, Flynn is on the Jets' radar. He has not been signed. It seems like the team is doing its homework.

I will throw out another reason the Jets might wait to sign a veteran quarterback. It would require them to cut somebody. This would most likely be a young, developmental player. By waiting to sign a quarterback, they get as long of a look as possible at all of their young guys and can make a more informed opinion about which ones are worth keeping.

Flynn is what he is. He isn't going to get better or worse because he will or will not get an extra week or two of camp. Maybe somebody will sign him, but quarterbacks with Flynn's ability grow on trees. The Jets will have an easy time finding another player of equal ability if Flynn becomes unavailable.