Has Geno Smith lost the locker room?

Just a few days ago, ex-Jets LB IK Enemkpali broke Geno Smith's jaw, sidelining him for 6-10 weeks (which may actually save the season), and having people wonder: What the hell made some guy mad enough to punch the starting quarterback? Quarterbacks, you see, aren't like regular position players. They are pretty much royalty, and they are the last people who you would try and start an argument with, and if you did, players and coaches would pull you away quickly. Except, this time, no one did that. And no one has been defending Geno, either. Darrelle Revis said both men were at fault. Other players, such as Willie Colon, did not take the side of either player. You must understand, if this were any other quarterback, whether Tom Brady or Jay Cutler, the player who punched them would never play in the NFL again, and the quarterback's teammates would be rushing to defend him, even if Brady or Cutler had been the aggressor in the fight (as Geno was said to be.) You just don't fight with your quarterback in the NFL, and teammates just don't allow it.

Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Donald Penn said that if anyone tried to fight QB Derek Carr (who is only slighty better than Geno), "they'd have to see me next. And then probably the rest of the O-line. That would never happen here." And this is coming from the Raiders, arguably the most dysfunctional team in the NFL. As far as we know, no Jets O-lineman rushed to help Geno in the fight, or even confronted IK afterwards. (Again, I don't know for sure if they did not, but there aren't any reports of it.) Everyone who has commented about this fight has said the same thing about locker room fights: Not the quarterback. Former Jets kicker Jay Feely said about team fights: "That's where they need to stay (on the field), or they fester."

It may be that the entire Jets locker room is bad (which falls on Todd Bowles, if true), but the main problem is that it appears Geno has lost the respect of the locker room. This does not bode well for him when he comes back, and it may be wiser to simply keep playing Ryan Fitzpatrick, provided he is playing well. If the locker room does not support Geno after he got his jaw broken by a teammate, no matter the circumstances, than maybe it is time for Geno to find another locker room.

UPDATE: Apparently, some of IK's former teammates, including Demario Davis, called IK after he was released to show their support for him. In other words, they added insult to injury for Geno.

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