Week 1???

Alright folks...So I've seen some rumblings across the internet this morning that Geno's recovery will be faster than originally anticipated- primarily because his jaw did not need to be wired shut like some people feared.

I saw a series of tweets from David Chao suggesting that Geno will have no problem making all the necessary calls in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage, which many were concerned about when the injury occurred. He didn't only say that he would beat the 6-10 week projection, he went as far as to say that Week 1 was a LIKELY target!

Now, since Chao does not work for the Jets and has not personally examined Geno, we can't read too much into this. That being said, he is a former NFL head doctor and surgeon with seventeen years experience...So he's at least somewhat credible.

Since I'm at work (and supposed to be working), I have not done much more research on the subject...But has anyone else? Week 1 is about four weeks away. I'm pretty curious if Geno would be able to practice in less time than that, or he would not be ready for football activity until Week 1. I did read reports from Jets sources that Geno is expected at the team facility in the coming days, so he will be around the team.

Personally, if Geno is cleared to play Week 1, but can't practice with the team at LEAST a week prior to the game, I don't want him anywhere near the field. I was really rooting for Geno this year. He's taken a lot of criticism in his young career and by all accounts has been having a stellar training camp. But I refuse to believe that a player (especially a young quarterback) can be away from the game for a month and step back in without noticeable rust.

We know what we have in Fitzpatrick- a savvy veteran who can be trusted not to lose you games. Though theoretically his ceiling is lower than Geno's, his floor is also much higher. We have a few tough games in the first quarter of our season, but fortunately we see one of our easier opponents in week 1 when Cleveland comes to metlife. I have little doubt that Fitzpatrick can lead the team to a win against the browns. So if I'm Bowles and I'm making the decision- If they tell me Geno is ready to go a few days before the season opener, I'm sitting him at least one more week and trying to get him ready for week 2.

Let me know what you guys think- or if you've heard anything else regarding Geno's recovery!

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