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New York Jets: Five Pointing Down

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot more than five New York Jets whose stock took a hit last night, but I will spare you and limit the list to five.

Jeff Cumberland: On the first series, third down was not Cumberland's friend. It appeared he was responsible for a blown block that got Chris Ivory stuffed. Ivory picked up the first down a play later, but the drive ended when Cumberland did not haul in a very catchable ball on the next third down.

Demario Davis: Unfortunately, networks do not provide many angles in preseason. They don't want to spend the money on preseason games so it is difficult to make definitive statements on plays. It did look like Davis had some culpability on Golden Tate's touchdown by not getting enough depth on his coverage. Davis did miss a tackle on a big Detroit run and another that produced a first down.

Rontez Miles: Miles missed tackle after tackle. It seemed like his tackling technique is to launch himself rather than wrap the ball carrier. I am not sure he is going to make the team unless last night was an aberration.

Dakota Dozier: He was cleanly beaten far too often for a guard, including a sack he allowed. His chances of making the roster took a big hit.

Darryl Richardson: 4 carries, -1 yard, 1 fumble lost