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Jets vs. Lions Final Score: Three Things We Learned

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets dropped their preseason opener tonight in Detroit 23-3. We will have more over the next day, but here are three quick things we learned.

1. The Jets looked like a team distracted by everything that happened this week: It was a very sloppy effort. There were missed tackles galore, blown assignments, and substitution problems. This looked like the 2014 Jets. Of course, the difference is you can expect things like that in the first preseason game. With how little teams practice these days in training camp, the players are still shaking off the rust. On top of this, the Jets could be forgiven for a less than stellar effort with everything that happened over the last two days. It's also worth noting the starters barely played. This is not the end of the world. In some ways it can be a positive. Todd Bowles has plenty he can show the team to correct. The team is certainly not going to be too full of itself. I'll be a little worried if the Jets play every preseason game like this, but this was just one not so great outing.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the only viable option to start at quarterback Week 1: I think most people understood going into the season that Bryce Petty is a project and unlikely to be ready to help the Jets in 2015. That was confirmed tonight as Petty took over during the second series and did not engineer a single scoring drive against a defense full of backups. Petty was far from the worst player on the team and wasn't a total disaster. He showed he is not close to ready, though. His footwork in particular needs a lot of improvement. He doesn't step into a lot of his throws. Given the situation, Bryce should get the lion's share of preseason snaps. Preseason is going to be his best chance to get reps and work on his game in 2015, and the Jets cannot risk Fitzpatrick getting hurt.

3. The Jets did not escape the injury bug: There were plenty of negatives tonight, but few of them will have any real implications for the Jets. The only ones that might were injuries to Jace Amaro's shoulder and Erin Henderson's knee. Both left the game and did not return.

With that, the preseason is underway.