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Ryan Fitzpatrick Has Chance to Keep Starting Job

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Todd Bowles did not commit to giving Geno Smith the starting job once the quarterback returns from his injury.

On whether Smith will regain his starting role when he is ready to play…

That’s a conversation we’ll have to have when he comes back. If anybody is playing great, you lose your spot by injury, you lose your spot by a bunch of things so if he’s playing great and the ship is going the right way, you don’t make a move. But we’ll see as we go.

On whether it is Fitzpatrick’s job to lose…

With Geno down, he’s the starter.

On whether Fitzpatrick will be the starter all season…

We’ll revisit that when Geno comes back depending on our record and the time that he comes back and how well Ryan is playing, yeah, Ryan is our starter.

If the Jets are playing well, it is probably going to make sense to stick with Fitzpatrick. If they are not, it won't be a bad situation for Geno. The pressure will be low, and he will have a chance to spark the team.