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Reports: Geno Smith Owed IK Enemkpali Money

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There's a report out from Boomer Esaison today that Geno Smith owed IK Enemkpali money, and that's why there was fisticuffs leading to Smith getting his face smashed in. Obviously, we still know very little and it's an unconfirmed report. If it truly is money related, it would explain why Todd Bowles said it was non-football related.

Assuming it's true, we don't know how much money was at stake her. Even then, it's still hard to justify brutally attacking someone in what has been called a sucker punch by Bowles and others. It also seems weird to me that a second round pick would need to borrow money from a sixth round pick, but who knows. Again, we do not know the full story, but add this to the pile of unconfirmed reports.

EDIT: Esaison apparently said it was over $1,000. For guys making hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, that seems like a ridiculous amount to throw away your career over.

EDIT 2: According to Adam Schefter, it was over $600. IK was scheduled to make $529,670 this season, so the $600 is literally 0.1% of the money he just lost.

EDIT 3: From Josina Anderson:

A source who spoke with Geno Smith told me the Jets quarterback says he approached IK Enemkpali around the start of camp prior to the big incident that occurred Tuesday. The source said Smith did this after sensing a lingering issue between them after he was unable to attend Enemkpali's offseason event, as it felt like the now former Jets linebacker was not speaking to him. The source emphasized, Smith tried to diffuse the situation at that time by offering to pay $600 to Enemkpali that Smith said his former teammate claimed was owed for both a plane ticket and car service."