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Who Is the Most Underappreciated New York Jet?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There are a number of people on the New York Jets who are very good at what they do and receive appropriate applause for their work. There are also players that are under-the-radar, who are good but aren't as publicized as, say, Darrelle Revis. My question today is who those players are. There are guys that are great, such as Nick Mangold, who while still known as being great, just aren't talked about as much as, again, someone like Revis. On the other hand, you also have players like Tanner Purdum, who has made only one mistake that I can think of in his time with the team.

As much as I constantly complain about Calvin Pace still being on the team, it might just be him. He's been a solid, durable player that rarely makes game breaking mistakes. He still puts out fairly consistent production, even if I think his sack numbers are severely overrated. Despite that, you rarely see him get any credit, which is why he might be the most underappreciated player, similar to Bryan Thomas before him.

What do you think? Who is the most underappreciated player?