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Rod Graves Takes Job in League Office

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jets senior director of football administration Rod Graves is leaving the team. He has accepted a job offer in the league office.

In his new role within the Football Operations department, Graves will oversee all club- and game-related initiatives related to the Competition Committee, general managers and head coaches. Graves is responsible for the strategic development of coaching, scouting, officiating and front office personnel, international players and coaches, the Combine series, college relations and the player pipeline.

"I am very much looking forward to beginning this next chapter of my football career," said Graves, who before coming to the Jets was a long-time Arizona Cardinals executive and general manager. "It’s exciting to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on our game in so many different ways.

Graves was hired by John Idzik in 2013 and oversaw the salary cap. Although anybody brought into the organization by Idzik is treated with suspicion by the fanbase these days, Graves seemed like a pretty credible football guy and was one of the few from the Idzik front office Mike Maccagnan decided to keep aboard.