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Jets Training Camp: Dates Announced - 29th July

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Just a quick note this evening as the Jets release their training camp dates.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have released the initial report date for their 2015 NFL training camp.

Rookies and veterans will be asked to report to the team on the 29th of July. Usually veterans are given a few extra days on the rookies but it seems as though Todd Bowles wants to get everyone in camp at the same time.

We'll report on the dates that are open to the public as soon as have them, however mark down the 29th in your calendar, that's officially the start of football season.

Both the Dolphins veterans and rookies will also report on the 29th of July. Patriot rookies will report on the 23rd of July with the veterans reporting on the 29th and the Bills rookies and veterans will report on the 30th of July.