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New York Jets Attend Clemson Offensive Tackle Isaiah Battle's Pro Day

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The New York jets and another 25 teams attended the pro day or promising tackle Isaiah Battle.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The former Clemson tackle is drawing a lot of interest in the supplemental draft that is set to take place on Thursday.

It's not surprising to hear that many teams were interested and I'd be shocked if he wasn't selected with either a 4th or 5th round selection this Thursday.

There hasn't been a selection in the supplemental draft since 2012, where the Cleveland Browns selected Josh Gordon. With the Jets having won 6 games or less in 2014, they are in a prime position to be awarded a player like Battle if they elected to spend a 4th round pick on him.

He does have a few problems. He has citations for marijuana use and speeding and some suggest he was forced out of Clemson. The official line is he needs the paycheck after the birth of his first child.

He has a lot of talent, he's appeared in nearly 30 games for Clemson and he has all the physical traits you look for. Depending on who you talk to, people have Battle as a 1st to 3rd round selection in 2016, I doubt anyone goes above the 4th for a player with obvious off the field issues.

The Jets have a lack of talent on the offensive line. Despite the off-field concerns, if I were Mac, I'd probably throw a 4th round selection at Battle and if someone feels the need to spend a 3rd, then so be it.

How much interest do the Jets have? That's unclear. You'd imagine they would be wary of marijuana use with the Sheldon Richardson suspension, but the upside may just be worth the risk here.

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