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Geno Smith Describes Brandon Marshall

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Allen of the official team website caught up with Geno Smith at the third year quarterback's youth football camp. Geno spoke a bit about Brandon Marshall.

"He’s a quarterback’s best friend… For one, he’s a veteran guy," Smith said of Marshall. "He understands the game on and off the field. He’s a beast of a player. You can’t say enough good things about him."

Marshall is the type of player whose skillset can help simplify things for a young quarterback. It is difficult for a young signal caller to have to scan the field on every single pass to find the correct passing window. A guy like Marshall is a human throwing lane. When in doubt, the quarterback can look in his direction and throw the ball up knowing Marshall has a good chance to win a contested ball in the air. At the very least, Marshall can prevent an interception.

Make no mistake. The Jets are still going to need much better quarterback play this season, but this team has also lacked the kind of easy gains a player like Marshall creates.