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Dakota Dozier on Working at Center

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Darryl Slater posted an interesting piece on Dakota Dozier learning to play the center position during the offseason. He got some quotes from Dozier, a fourth round pick in 2014.

Immediately after last season, Dozier said, some people close to him suggested he work on snapping, in case the Jets wanted him to play some center. Dozier agreed that "it would be a good thing for me to do."

When the Jets hired Steve Marshall as their new offensive line coach, he spoke to Dozier over the phone and suggested Dozier should start learning how to play center while he was home. Dozier told Marshall he was already doing it.

"Once coach said it, I did it even more," Dozier said. "When you have a coach telling you it's probably a good idea to do it, you know it's something they're thinking about making a change to."

Dozier is going to be in a real battle for a roster spot. The regime that selected him is gone so he does not necessarily have an inside track this year.

Being able to play multiple positions might be a necessity for him. The Jets are probably not going to carry ten offensive linemen. They need versatile backups they can slide into multiple places. The more spots Dozier can play, the better his chances to make the team.

Give the article a click. It is a good read.