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The New York Jets Can't Trust Sheldon Richardson

The Jets star defensive lineman shows a terrifying lack of judgment and maturity in latest issue, proving that the Jets simply can't trust him.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Hours after Sheldon Richardson vowed that the jets wouldn't need to worry about his name being in the news, his name was in the news. Did Richardson really think that he could just ignore this situation and hope the Jets never found out about it, despite him being a high profile player and records of his arrest being released to the public.

His problem is no longer an isolated incident, it's now a pattern of behavior which is spiraling downwards.

The fact he was car racing on a public road is bad. The fact that he reached over 140mph is even worse. The fact he failed to stop for police is even worse, and the fact all this happened with a 12 year old as a passenger is the kicker. This is in violation of the NFL's personal conduct policy, and I do expect there to be consequences for his actions.

The problem is, Richardson wants Suh like money. He's not getting it. Richardson is motivated by money, but no team in their right mind is going to invest heavily in him with this pattern of behavior. let us not forget that this arrest came after his drug suspension and the reporting officer reported a strong smell of burning marijuana in the car. He says he hasn't got a problem, but that may be the problem, he is so immature he's willing to smoke away a career.

He's one failed test away from getting a 10 game suspension and does anyone really expect him not to smoke again? He has shown no signs of growing up or improving his judgment. He's shown no signs of working to earn the trust of the Jets going forward. He is now a distraction for a new regime, he's let everyone down, including his coach and his team mates. Now instead of looking forward to grasping the play-book, the Jets will be bombarded with questions relating to Richardson's arrest.

You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. He doesn't think he has a problem, but after failing the NFL drug tests and now this, sorry Sheldon you do have a problem and unless you do something about it, you'll spiral out of control and you'll be the latest NFL player to have his career ruined by a lack of judgement. The Jets can't trust Sheldon, and they should reward someone like Wilkerson, a consummate professional who does everything right.

Let us just make this clear, Sheldon knew about this incident for 16 days before the Jets had to find out at the same time as the media. He had numerous opportunities to contact the team and advise them of the incident, they could then prepare for this and be proactive. instead he decided to keep his head down and pretend like it didn't happen. Sheldon is a grown man who acts like a child, and it's time to grow up before it's too late.

I know some Jets fans will be more forgiving, but I'm not one of them. There is a reason why the NFL is better known in some parts as the "National Felons League" and it's getting out of control. I'm done with Sheldon, I'll support the team as I always do, but as far as he goes, I can't support people who are in a privileged position and make the decision to endanger lives, especially that of a child, while wasting god given talent.

Sheldon Richardson is immature.

Sheldon Ricahrdson is a liability.

Sheldon Richardson is a distraction.

Sheldon Richardson is selfish

Sheldon Richardson shows a terrifying lack of judgment,

I don't trust him anymore and neither will the Jets.