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Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, and BPA

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Back in this year's NFL Draft, the Jets used their first round pick on Leonard Williams. At the time, Williams did not play a position of need. The interior defensive line was not only a strength for the Jets. They already had one of the finest collections of young talent in the league in this area. The Jets still picked Williams because he was the best player available.

Sheldon Richardson's suspension sheds light on the wisdom of drafting based on talent instead of eliminating options because they do not play positions of need. Positions of need can change suddenly in this league without warning.

Losing Richardson is going to be a hit for the Jets. Because of their first round selection, they will at least be able to replace a large number of his snaps with one of them most talented defensive line prospects the NFL has seen in years. Going for best player available certainly has merit in this case.