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Jets Players Talk About Todd Bowles

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets arrived at training camp today, and not surprisingly new head coach Todd Bowles was part of the discussion. Here is what his new team had to say.

Geno Smith

On whether he gained a little bit of confidence after Coach Bowles said he was the starting quarterback in March…

Todd does a great job with instilling confidence in all of us, but I do understand that this thing is something that I’ve got to continue to work at. I’ve got to keep doing better, I’ve got to continue to lead, continue to lead myself the group and the team. I’m not taking anything for granted. Like I said, we’ve got an extreme amount of work ahead of us, but I think we are all ready for it.

Quinton Coples

On the new regime…

You have to take it one practice at a time, one game at a time, so we don’t want to make any predictions or anything like that, you just want to stay focused on the task at hand, and move forward from there. Obviously, we want to be successful, but not to put a number or anything on it.

David Harris

On having a new coaching regime…

It’s a lot of excitement. Anytime you have a new coach and coaching staff, and new players you want to go out there and reinvent yourself and have a chip on your shoulder like you have something to prove and it’s no different this year. It’s good to be back around teammates. We got five, six weeks off and that’s good for our family and friends, wherever each and every one is at. But it’s good to get back started. It’s the excitement of a new year. Every year, around late July, you get that itch. Football season is here and it’s no different this year.

It is like Harris said. This is an exciting time. The new regime is unproven but it has a lot of potential. The Jets have their most talented roster in years. With Tom Brady's suspension and New England's shaky group of corners, the potential is there to make some noise in this division.