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Jets Training Camp Thread 7/29

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The long offseason (sort of) ends today. The Jets report for camp. There are plenty of new faces on the team this year along with a new regime. While the first practice is not until tomorrow, players will be in the building. That's something to get excited about. It is another major benchmark on the way to the 2015 NFL season.

The glorious GGN Twitter widget needs to get into shape for the upcoming season so it is embedded below. It will update through the day with tweets from various Jets writers in case there is any news or anybody says something of note to the press. (Muhammad Wilkerson discussing his contract situation and Darrelle Revis discussing his return to the team come to mind as possibilities.)

Feel free to discuss Jets football below! News will continue to be posted to the front page as events merit them.