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Jets Work Out Greg Little

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Ian Rapoport says the Jets worked out former Browns and Bengals wide receiver Greg Little today.

Little was a second round selection out of North Carolina in 2011. His career peaked as a rookie when he recorded 61 receptions and 709 yards. His catches and yardage went down in every subsequent season, and he was reduced to a midseason scrap heap pickup by the Bengals last season. He only caught 6 passes in 6 games for Cincy.

It is difficult to envision Little's path to the roster if the Jets brought him aboard. Four wide receiver roster spots are virtually set, and Little does not have much of a track record in the return roles the Jets need to fill. I wonder whether they are just trying to see what he has in case they suffer injuries and the position and need to make a midseason signing.