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New York Jets: Who Is Your Breakout Player?

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Which Jets player do you think will become an impact guy for the first time this season?

I was tempted to go with Jace Amaro. In his second year, he figures to be able to take on a bigger role in the passing game after being used in a limited way as a rookie. There have been a few whispers, however, that he didn't have the greatest offseason program. That does not necessarily preclude him making a big leap, but it will make me change my pick.

I am going to go with the rookie, Leonard Williams. Many viewed Williams as one of the top defensive line prospects in years, and the Jets received a ton of praise picking him sixth overall despite already owning a defensive line full of young talent. Sheldon Richardson's suspension opens up an opportunity for Williams to earn a spot and never look back. Williams is so athletic and so strong that he can line up virtually anywhere on the line. Todd Bowles is going to love moving him around and creating havoc.

Who is your breakout player?