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Jets Training Camp: Five Biggest Storylines

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp begins this week for the Jets. Here are the five biggest storylines we will hear as the gates open at Florham Park.

5. Prepping Leonard

The selection of Leonard Williams generated a decent amount of attention and praise for the new regime. One of the big question for the Jets will be how much he will be able to contribute as a rookie. Sheldon Richardson's suspension adds a big of urgency to Williams' development. He is now looking at filling a big role early in the season. How ready will Williams look?

4. Revis' return

Revis' return to the Jets will likely generate a lot of attention during camp. We will hear from him about how happy he is to be back, the way he is taking young cornerbacks under his wing, and all of the flexibility his skills allow the defensive coaches in their playcalling.

3. Wilkerson's contract

If a new contract was going to get done this season, the period between offseason workouts and training camp seemed like the most obvious time. We have heard little about any progress. How unhappy will Wilkerson be? How much of a distraction does he want to make this? How far will he take things?

2. The new staff

The first training camp of a new coaching staff tends to be a love affair. You typically hear about how they are doing everything differently for the better. In a more substantive way, it will be the first  chance to see how the new staff prepares the team. What qualities do they seek in for players who fill the last roster spots? How do they handle the playing time in preseason? How do they decide position battles?

1. The quarterback situation

Until your team has a proven answer at quarterback, the position always takes a central role in training camp.