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Which New Face Will Have The Biggest Impact This Season?

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I'm continuing to look at some of the questions recently submitted through our GGN mailbag and today we're talking impact free agents.

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Sciara92 asked the question:

In your opinion, which FA addition or draft pick (excluding Revis) will have the biggest impact this upcoming season?

I found this question quite a difficult one to answer and it came down to two players when you exclude Revis. Brandon Marshall or Antonio Cromartie, but personally speaking I'm going to go with Brandon Marshall.

Revis was excluded in this conversation but he has instantly improved our secondary and with Pryor moving back to his natural strong position, had we not signed any other secondary players, we'd still have improved significantly, which tells us everything we need to know about last years secondary. Cromartie is great, Skrine is a solid addition and hopefully GIlchrist can strengthen the position as well, but I was looking at the offense for this question.

However on offense, without Brandon Marshall we are nearly identical to last year and that just didn't work. Geno was having to use Decker as his primary target and he was playing hurt most of the season. With Decker out, we really didn't have much in the way of offensive capability at the skill positions. Brandon Marshall may be coming off an injury plagued season and he is the wrong side of 30, but he has so much talent. The addition of Marshall helps us in many ways.

1- Having two top receivers is always better than having one.

2- He takes some of the best corners away from Decker, who will get to face more #2 and #3 corners

3- Red-Zone, he's capable of coming down with contested footballs in the red-zone, improving the offense.

4- With his catching radius he offers Geno much more cushion with his throws.

5- Deep threat. He's not a burner by any means, but he's a very decent deep threat because of his aerial ability.

Personally, I think he'll have the most significant contribution to this team of all the free agents or draft picks. Had the question been who would having the biggest impact long term, then Marshall wouldn't have been the selection. That would have gone to someone like Williams or maybe even Devin Smith if he recreates his deep ball ability in the NFL and adds some more refinements to his overall routes.