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Should The Jets Put In A Bid For Isaiah Battle?

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As John mentioned the other night, the date of the Supplemental Draft has been set for July 9th. Usually, I am against giving up picks in the normal draft for supplemental picks, but this year, there is a player I wouldn't mind putting in a bid for if the price is right. He is Isaiah Battle, offensive tackle from Clemson.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images
Born and raised in Brooklyn, Battle is a hometown guy, all the way. Even in high school, Isaiah has been held in high regards. He was ranked the number 5 prep school prospect in the country. Before Clemson, Battle made a living moving bodies on both sides of the ball. It should also be noted that Battle was a basketball star. This is evident when you see his movement skills along the line.

In 2014, Battle was given the chance to be a full-time starter. He played both right tackle and left tackle. In the NFL, he could wind up playing both. Scouts are very excited about Battle's potential talent. I am as well. He isn't a guy that should be taken and thrown into a starting role. With us, he wouldn't have to. We might not have much at OT, but we have enough to sort of get by at the starting positions. Unfortunately, we have little to nothing behind them.

Next year, D'Brickshaw Ferguson will be demanding a massive paycheck, and quite frankly, he isn't worth it at this time in his career. It would be nice to have a guy like Battle sitting behind him, ready to go if we do decide to part ways with Brick. He can also come in to replace the mediocre Breno Giacomini. He gives us options at the position, where currently we have very few.

This isn't a no-brainer though guys. Battle does come with a good amount of baggage. It really doesn't help Battle's case that the last player taken in this draft was Josh Gordon. Battle put himself in similar trouble. He was pulled over for speeding. While stopped, weed was found in his possession. If that was the only problem, then maybe we could chalk it up to a one time mistake. It isn't though. Against NC State, Battle lost his cool, and laid out an opposing player with a ferocious uppercut. By themselves, these red flags are worrisome but not deal breakers. Together, I can understand if teams do shy away from the young man.

With all these red flags aside, Battle is a very good prospect. The argument isn't if he will get drafted, it is when. I would by no means spend a high draft pick on Isaiah. I would be willing to spend a mid-round pick for him though. It would be an appropriate place to take him, and it would mean we will have an option as a replacement tackle. We wouldn't be forced to overpay for a free agent, or spend a high pick on a tackle when QB might be high on our list of positions to grab.

In conclusion, I think it would be more than worth the risk to take Battle in the 4th or 5th round. Isaiah has had his troubles, but is also going to be a father soon. One of his reasons for forgoing his senior season, is because he wants to be able to take care of his new family soon. His college paycheck is just not cutting it. I like to think that fatherhood has the ability to change boys to men. A sense of responsibility for another life could be just what he needs to bring him to reality. Battle's pro-day will be July 7th. Keep your eyes open for more updates.