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New York Jets Salary Cap Allocation: Defense

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week we looked at how the New York Jets allocated their salary cap space on offensive side of the ball by position. Now let's look at the defense.

Numbers are from Over the Cap.

Position Cap Room Allocated League Ranking
DL 22,524,086 19
LB 18,664,432 17
CB 32,992,747 1
S 9,028,027 16

This table shows the importance of drafting well. It is pretty incredible the Jets have so much young talent on their defensive line and still are spending less than 18 other teams.

On the other hand, the Jets spent  quite a bit on the cornerback position in the offseason. They now have more cap space dedicated there than any team in the league. This is also about drafting. It is at least partially a sign the new regime is not sold on the young corners the team selected over the last few seasons. Spending at corner became a necessity. It is a premium position in Todd Bowles' defense.

Unlike last season, the general manager and head coach seem to be on the same page so the Jets used a big chunk of their excess cap space getting Bowles players to help him run his system.