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New York Jets Throwback Thursday: CAN'T WAIT

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"They can't stop a nosebleed!"

Can't wait. This phrase is sacred among Jets nation.

It's more than just a memorable post-game interview with Bart Scott and Sal Paolantonio after the New York Jets had just defeated the New England Patriots in the 2010 divisional round playoffs. This phrase represents the highest point of the 6-year Rex Ryan era and really one of the more fun and exciting times to ever be a Jets fan. It symbolizes swagger. It stands for smash-mouth football. But most importantly, it represents winning.

Make no mistake, "Can't Wait" would have been just another few words that Jet fans usually preface with, "for the draft" or "for next season", if the team wasn't winning. Instead, the Jets were headed to the AFC Championship for the second straight year. Unfortunately, the Jets could not execute for a full 60 minutes at Heinz Field and the seemingly historic run came to a screeching halt. Nevertheless, Rex's Jets had a very successful season for the second consecutive year, finishing #3 in total defense after a #1 finish the year before.

In Ryan's first two years, the team went 20-12. In Jets franchise history, the team has only had 3 other consecutive years with better records. '97-'98 (21-11). '85-'86 (21-11) and '68-'69 (21-7). The Jets have also only reached the conference finals 3 other times under a coach not named Rex: '98 loss at Denver (Parcells), '82 loss at Miami (Michaels), and of course Super Bowl III (Ewbank). Certainly these were two of the more successful years in our 55 year history.

This clip instantly became a sensation and is still talked about with pride among us fans, including GGN's Cant!Wait 's own screen name. Bart Scott would even go on to trademark the phrase. We hope that with the new regime we can experience this same type of heart, passion, and most importantly, success.

For a more detailed memory of the actual game, check out last week's piece.