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Jets Salary Cap Allocation: Offense

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Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a look at how much the Jets are spending in cap space at each offensive position and where that rates in the NFL. Numbers are taken from Over the Cap.

Position Cap Room Allocated League Ranking
QB 5,192,407 28
RB 7,986,812 11
WR 23,748,438 5
TE 5,544,014 22
OL 36,224,597 1

This shows how the Jets have allocated their money. Since the contracts were handed out under three different general managers, it does not fully reflect Mike Maccagnan's priorities. In 2015, the Jets have invested heavily at wide receiver and in the offensive line. On paper, it seems like the receiver money was well-spent. The Jets have a quality group at the position with nice depth. On the offensive line, the money does not seem to be allocated as efficiently. Despite all of the spending, it is difficult to argue the Jets have a top tier offensive line entering the season..